vanElk Modelling E.P. van Elk-Penders, Hijken, Drenthe (NL)

Independent Contractor (ZZPer)

Consultancy, Process Modelling, Process Simulation,
Software Development, Coding

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____________ Background ____________

vanElk Modelling is a young consultancy company, active since early 2015. vanElk Modelling works for SME companies as well as multinationals.

vanElk Modelling also cooperates with other companies and has a good network, access to state-of-the-art development tools and an efficient working method.

Unlike other companies, vanElk Modelling does NOT say "yes" to every project. When we believe other parties are more suitable for your project, we do not hesitate to help you to get in touch with these parties (our partners).

vanElk Modelling can also bring you in contact with a fine selection of process engineers that are ready for a new challenge.