Fortran computermodel for the convection in furnaces

Furnace Industrial furnaces, built for thermal processes, can be divided into two parts, separated by a radiation shield. In the lower part of a furnace, the fire box or radiation section, heat is transferred by radiation. In the upper part, called the convection section, heat is mainly transferred by convection.

The computer program can be used for heat transfer calculations in the convection section. During the practical work the program is changed from a single bank calculation program to a flowsheet oriented program.

In the new version of the computer program, the user can define a flowsheet,input the geometry of the banks, and physical properties of the flows. The program then will calculate the flowrates and temperatures of the other streams, and generates a bank performance report for all banks.

Blocks which can be used in the flowsheet are:

The program is provided with extensive error checking and diagnosis facilities which will direct the user in case of erroneous input or wrong specifications.

Conclusively, the program has turned into a powerful and reliable check-rating tool. It is relatively easy to handle by inexperienced computer users, and offers a strong potential for future extensions.